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We retail our products with the help of trusted partner companies

Having previously been exclusive wholesalers, we have now extended our services to the retailing of our own products with the help of several trusted partner companies. These companies work together with us to install our top quality products into your home. This enables you as the customer to obtain our products from reputable installation servicemen.

You can therefore rest assured that you will not only be receiving the very best in natural stone products, you will also receive the best possible service in the industry from companies that we have personally approved to install our products.

We do not, however, merely stock and sell superior quality natural stone products, we also provide all the necessary materials needed to install our products. This enables Artmar to become your one-stop-shop for all of your natural stone product and installation needs.


    Our Products

    Product Name: Art-Fix
    Category/Material: Adhesive
    Size (mm): 20
    Surface-finish: N.A



    Product Name: Art-Flex
    Category/Material: Adhesive
    Size (mm): 20
    Surface-finish: N.A



    Product Name: Ivory
    Category/Material: Grout
    Size (mm): 5
    Surface-finish: Flex Join Filler


    Light Grey

    Product Name: Light Grey
    Category/Material: Grout
    Size (mm): 5
    Surface-finish: Flex Join Filler



    Product Name: White
    Category/Material: Grout
    Size (mm): 5
    Surface-finish: Flex Join Filler


    Our Finishing Products

    At Artmar, we always strive toward making our customer’s lives easier and more convenient by offering them comprehensive installation solutions. Not only do we supply a wide range of natural stone products for the home, we also supply all the finishing products needed for the successful installation thereof.

    Our finishing products include:


    Grout is a very fluid form of concrete that is used to fill gaps and seal joints, such as those left between newly installed tiles, mosaics etc., as well as to firmly secure the installed product to its base, creating a neat, finished look. Typically consisting of sand, cement and water, grout may or may not have a colour tint added to it and forms a waterproof seal once set.

    At Artmar, we stock only the best and most compatible finishing products to supply to our customers. Though our years of experience, we have found that, when it comes to natural stone products such as ours, using cemetitious grout produces the best results.


    20KG TYL-PRO: Grout – All Colours All Colours


    When installing natural stone products, it is essential that one uses an adhesive specifically formulated to secure products created from natural stone.

    At Artmar, we help our customers choose the perfect adhesive for the product and job at hand. By doing this, we can warrant that our customer’s products will be optimally fitted and secured, ensuring they receive an extended lifetime from the end product.


    20 KG Specialist’s Choice: ARTFIX – 6H SuperWhite
    20 KG TYL-PRO: PROFIX – 6H SuperWhite

    Due to the porous nature of natural stone products, it is essential that the stone be sealed after installation and before use (for example as a countertop or floor tile), lest it absorb harmful liquids or gasses that may damage the stone.

    Although very strong, natural stone products are prone to aesthetic damage such as staining due to exposure to certain liquids or gasses, particularly salt and acidic solutions. Luckily, Artmar offers various sealants to help our customers protect their natural stone from damage such as this.

    Bonding Liquid
    5 LITRE TYL-PRO: Bonding Liquid
    TFC Products
    1 LITRE TFC: Invisible Sealer
    5 LITRE TFC: Invisible Sealer
    1 LITRE TFC: Deep Seal
    5 LITRE TFC: Deep Seal
    1 LITRE TFC: HP Sealer
    5 LITRE TFC: HP Sealer
    1 LITRE TFC: Smart Seal
    5 LITRE TFC: Smart Seal
    1 LITRE TFC: Easy Clean
    5 LITRE TFC: Easy Clean
    1 LITRE TFC: Quick Clean
    5 LITRE TFC: Quick Clean
    1 LITRE TFC: Grout Off
    5 LITRE TFC: Grout Off
    300 MM TFC: Sheepskin Applicator Pad
    300 MM TFC: Metal Frame Applicator