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Natural stone cladding adds texture to any wall, indoors or outdoors, thereby bringing it to life. By applying stone cladding, any room can be completely transformed. Whether you want to clad one wall to let it stand out, frame a fireplace with cladding, or create a striking entrance, we have the right cladding product available for you at Artmar.

Besides its natural beauty, cladding offers other benefits such as requiring very little maintenance, insulating your property against sound, and heat insulation. If applied professionally, property owners can also expect a lasting result that is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.

If you are tired of your walls’ appearance, and you do not feel like simply painting it a different colour, cladding may be something to consider! It will truly set your property apart – in style and in value.

|   We offer the following cladding options

Nothing will distinguish your interior or exterior design like a feature wall with beautiful stone cladding. To meet our clients’ unique preferences, we supply an extensive selection of cladding options at Artmar. Options include:

Because travertine is such a beautiful natural stone, cladding manufactured from travertine will transform any wall into an eye catching focal point. It is typically applied in a thin layer to a surface other than stone (such as concrete or metal) to create a naturally textured wall. Travertine cladding is most often used indoors...

Although best suited for interior use, marble cladding is suited for exterior applications when correctly sealed.  This cladding will bring an air of sophistication to a home or office. Cut into slim layers, marble cladding has a different appearance to marble tiles or slabs. The slimmer pieces of stone allow our customers to opt to have...

The beauty of sandstone lies in its rich texture and earthy colours, and cladding produced from sandstone will be sure to add a warm look and feel to a home or office. It is very beautiful when installed around a fireplace, and will certainly help make it the focal point of a room. Sandstone cladding is also relatively more cost effective...

Quartzite has been used as a decorative material for centuries. This stone is available in a variety of colours caused by minerals infiltrating the stone during its creation. Quartzite cladding has become a popular choice because it allows property owners to create striking wall...

Slate is a popular construction material. It is often used for flooring purposes, but can also be used as a decorative element. We offer a selection of slate cladding options at Artmar, suitable for interior and exterior applications...

Each of the above-mentioned stone materials offers a unique look and distinctive characteristics. To make sure that you choose the correct cladding material for your requirements, be sure to browse through our product selection and find out what stone material is best suited for indoors, outdoors, etc. If you would like some assistance in choosing the correct stone type, we will gladly assist. Simply contact us.

Due to the inconsistency of the printing process, there may be colour variantions between the products in this brochure and the actual product supplied by Artmar.
The onus is on the purchaser to ensure that the colour of the products provided is acceptable to them.

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