Marble Cladding
Perfect for adding a sophisticated look and feel to a home or office

Best suited for interior use, marble cladding will bring an air of sophistication to a home or office. Cut into slim layers, cladding gives marble a different appearance when compared to marble tiles or slabs. The slimmer pieces of stone allow our customers to opt to have a more complex looking and textured wall.

Although somewhat more expensive than cladding made from other natural stone materials, marble is unique in the sense that it will instantly add significant value to a property, while at the same time adding an element of luxury to a room.

Our marble cladding is available in a range of finishes, colours (from light to dark) and patterns. These different characteristics allow our natural stone cladding to compliment a range of décor styles.


    Style to a home or office
    marble cladding
    Marble Cladding
    Snow White Cladding

    Product Name: Snow White Cladding
    Category/Material: Marble
    Size (mm): 100xFreelength
    Surface-finish: Splitface


    Due to the inconsistency of the printing process, there may be colour variantions between the products in this brochure and the actual product supplied by Artmar. The onus is on the purchaser to ensure that the colour of the products provided is acceptable to them.