Stone Mosaic Tiles
For that Earth-inspired look in your home

Natural stone mosaic tiles have been used for decorative purposes for thousands of years. We at Artmar would like to continue this tradition, which is why we offer beautifully crafted stone mosaics of a wide variety that can be applied as part of interior or exterior designs.

The stone used to manufacture our stone mosaics are sourced and mined in Turkey, so clients can expect nothing but quality and 100% natural stone when purchasing any of our stone mosaics or other products. If you have been looking for a way to add a distinguishing touch to your property’s interior or exterior design, stone mosaics are the way to go! Our natural stone mosaics are ultra-durable, and clients can therefore expect a lasting installation, whether applied on walls, floors, or anywhere else.


    beautifully crafted stone mosaics

    Our range of stone mosaic tiles

    We offer a variety of natural stone mosaic tiles at Artmar, in assorted shapes, sizes, and colours. Our mosaics are of superior quality and can be used to add a unique and striking feature to your home. Whether you want to create a mosaic pattern in your bathroom, or you wish to cover your kitchen countertop in beautiful mosaics, we have the correct tile for you!

    Our stone mosaic options include:

    Travertine Mosaics

    Travertine mosaics offer unique patterns and colours and are suitable for interior and exterior applications. We have travertine mosaics available in a variety of shapes, from classic to diagonal, for all kinds of preferences. Furthermore, our mosaics are also available in various finishes, from filled and honed to tumbled.


    Marble Mosaics
    With marble mosaics, your application options are endless. Marble is perfect to use indoors or outdoors and can be used to decorate anything from countertops to floors, walls, and more. With colours ranging from beige to grey-blue, marble mosaics are a favourite to add that unique touch to kitchens or bathrooms.


    Slate Mosaics

    With the wide range of slate mosaics available from Artmar, clients can add a unique feature to the interior or exterior of their properties. Slate is resistant to impact and requires very little maintenance, making it a durable option for flooring purposes.


    Tips to ensure a lasting mosaic tile installation:

    At Artmar, we offer a range of installation products along with our premium quality natural stone offering. We want to make sure that our clients’ installations are done perfectly – and for the long-term. Our installation products include grout, sealants and adhesives.

    To further ensure a successful and lasting installation, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind when applying your natural stone mosaic tiles:

    Tips for applying mosaic tiles:

    • When choosing your installation products, it is important that you take the amount of traffic into consideration. Not all mosaic application materials are suitable for use on floors or other functional areas. The team at Artmar can assist with helpful advice and guidance.
    • Before starting with your application, closely inspect the mosaics to check for broken or damaged tiles and ensure that you have sufficient back-up tiles to replace any broken pieces. Replacing broken or damaged tiles before installation can save you effort in the long run.
    • Mosaics are difficult to cut as individual tiles because they are so small, so rather cut the sheets between the tiles.
    • When starting application, make sure that you apply a consistent amount of adhesive underneath the mosaic tiles as their small size may accentuate irregularities. Making use of a notched trowel to apply a uniform amount of adhesive is highly recommended.
    • Ensure that the mosaic sheet is firmly bedded into the adhesive and allow it to squeeze through the joints between the mosaics to form the grout.
    • The sheets onto which the mosaic tiles are fixed are sometimes flexible and may not necessarily keep your tiles perfectly aligned, so make sure that the tiles are all properly lined up during application.
    • To ensure a steady fit, use a piece of plywood (about 15cm²) and a rubber mallet to tap the mosaic sheet into the adhesive. This will bed the tiles into the adhesive for a longer-lasting installation.
    • To keep the grout lines in your mosaic sheet straight, make use of a straightedge ruler.
    • If preferred, tile spacers can also be used to keep your mosaics symmetrical.
    • When complete, gently wipe off excess adhesive before it hardens and then allow the installation to dry completely. If you made use of tile spacers, remember to remove these before the adhesive is set.

    Interested in applying beautiful, natural stone mosaics at your home? Feel free to browse through our product range to find the ideal mosaic or contact us if you would like to find out more about any of the products or installation methods.