Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles used as a feature wall


Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles have been used for decorative purposes for thousands of years.

Mosaics are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Use our beautifully crafted 100% Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles within indoor or outdoor designs. Because they are durable and naturally slip resistant, their popularity for use in high-moisture areas hasn’t lost any of its allure. Their popular uses vary from mosaic kitchen tiles to mosaic bathroom tiles, as both backsplashes and flooring. Similarly, they are popular in swimming pools for edging and borders as a decorative feature.

Endless possibilities for these decorative tiles

Mosaics can be applied to walls and flooring for added character and artistry, turning a space into a beautiful feature to be admired for years. Moreover, this is not to mention how practical these natural stone surfaces are. You can choose between polished, honed, and tumbled stones, depending on the desired finish. 

Why Choose Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles?

Create tile sheets from any of your chosen natural stone used in your project. Therefore, you can ensure consistency in your design.

Choose from wonderfully and naturally varied set of colour ranges.

Appreciate the natural patterning and unique character in a stone mosaic.

Benefit from an incredibly versatile range of surfaces to be applied to interiors, exteriors, kitchens, bathrooms and beyond.

Above all, add an artistic element to whatever space you are looking to transform.

Our Range

Choose from our earthy colour ranges of these decorative tiles in Marble and Travertine. Use these beautiful stones for walls, pillars, mosaic patterned floors, bathroom and kitchen backsplashes, and more. Therefore, mosaics are both a beautiful and versatile option with endless design possibilities. It is easy to see why these natural stones continue to be used by many professionals and property owners alike.

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Marble Mosaics

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Travertine Mosaics


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