Quartz Countertops
One of the most durable countertop options

Quartz is an engineered stone material that consists of quartz bound together by resin. This is then pressed into sheets, leaving you with quartz countertops. These counters consist of more or less 93% of quartz and 7% binding materials that include resins, polymers and pigments. We supply this product at Artmar, and it has become hugely popular in residential and commercial environments due to its ultra-durability and resistance to scratching – while still offering the look of natural stone.

Some may say that they still prefer 100% natural stone countertops, but once you know more about the benefits of quartz countertops, you may reconsider. On the surface, quartz offers almost the same characteristics as granite, and many argue that the appearance is also very similar. It is durable, strong, and beautiful. But, seeing that quartz is an engineered product, it also offers the following benefits:

  • It is completely nonporous, making it stain resistant.
  • It does not require sealing or resealing.
  • Due to the resin blend, quartz is already sealed, which means that these countertops require very little maintenance.
  • Quartz is nearly indestructible and is therefore a long-term investment for property owners.
  • It offers more design possibilities which makes it a more flexible choice.
  • It is available in a wide range of colours, allowing for more décor possibilities.
  • Quartz tops are easy to keep clean – all you’ll need is a soft cloth, mild soap and water.

    quartz countertops

    Some questions commonly asked about quartz countertops:

    At Artmar, we have found that clients who choose to install quartz tops often have a few questions about the material, its durability, characteristics, etc. To help make the process of choosing your new countertops simpler, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

    Does quartz stain easily?

    Thanks to the resins and polymers mixed within the quartz, these countertops are resistant to staining. These tops’ surface is non-porous, and this prevents any kind of staining substances from entering its pores, thereby discolouration.

    How simple is it to maintain quartz countertops?

    Quartz tops are low maintenance and do not even require sealing or resealing. Also, to keep it clean is simple – all you need is a soft, wet cloth and mild soap.

    Is quartz an affordable material?

    When compared to other, natural stone countertops, quartz is a more affordable option. When taking all the benefits these tops offer into consideration, they are extremely cost-effective and will last long-term. Of course, the cost will depend on the thickness of the slab you want, how much material you need, the complexity of your installation, the quality of the stone, etc.

    Are there certain cleaning products that should not be used on quartz?

    To protect your quartz tops, try to only use cleaning products with a pH balance between 5-8. Harsh cleaning products such as oven grill cleaners, toilet cleaner, drain products or furniture cleaner could cause damage to your countertop’s surface. If your countertop is exposed to such cleaning products, be sure to rinse with water immediately.

    Where is quartz most commonly applied?

    Most homeowners choose to apply quartz as kitchen or bathroom counters, but it is sometimes also used around fireplaces, for shower edges, as windowsills and as coffee tables. In the commercial sector, these tops are used as service counters, as conference tables, reception counters, etc. Quartz tops are recommended for interior use, as constant exposure to UV rays could cause it to discolour.

    Can I fit any kind of sink into a quartz countertop?

    Yes, any type of sink can be fitted into your countertop. To ensure proper fitting and installation, make sure that you know your sink’s size beforehand.

    Are quartz countertops seamless?

    Quartz is available in jumbo sizes, but should you require a top that is bigger than our largest slab, it will need to be seamed. If done professionally, the seams will be inconspicuous.

    Are quartz tops resistant to heat?

    As it is mixed with certain polymers, quartz tops are not as resistant to heat as 100% natural stone. Therefore, care should be taken and hot objects such as pots and pans should never be placed directly onto your countertop.

    If you were not able to find an answer to your specific question, or you would like to find out more about our range of quartz tops, feel free to contact us directly.