Slate Tiles | An exceptional stone flooring option

Slate is another natural stone material that has become popular to use in construction. It is most often supplied in the form of slate tiles which are used for flooring. Slate flooring is not only luxurious and stylish, but it will also serve as a long-term investment as slate is a durable material. At Artmar, we supply beautiful slate tiles in a variety of hues to meet our clients’ décor demands.

Slate flooring is resistant to impact and is therefore ideal to apply in areas where a high volume of traffic is expected. It is also a good choice in areas where moisture is expected, such as a bathroom or around a pool, as it is naturally slip resistant.

Slate tiles are available in a variety of finishes, including clefted, which means that the slate is still in its natural state, honed, which is polished but still offers a bit of slate’s natural surface, and polished, which is refined slate that offers a glossy finish.

Best of all, slate tiles require very little maintenance due to it being stain resistant. To clean it and keep it looking brand-new, nothing but a sweep and a mop is required. So, if you are weighing your options for natural stone flooring, slate is a stylish and cost-effective option to consider.

Due to the inconsistency of the printing process, there may be colour variantions between the products in this brochure and the actual product supplied by Artmar.
The onus is on the purchaser to ensure that the colour of the products provided is acceptable to them.

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