Gorgeous, natural
stone tiles of a wide variety

What makes natural stone such a popular choice for interior and exterior designs is the fact that it is both a durable and elegant choice. Natural stone tiles have been used for decorative purposes for decades and this is because they are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of applications, including bathroom floors, as backsplashes, on kitchen walls, for outdoor entertainment areas, fireplaces, and so much more. At Artmar, we have a wide selection of 100% natural stone tiles on offer, manufactured from materials sourced in Turkey.

The stone materials used to manufacture our tiles are mined from our quarries located in Turkey. Extracting these materials as is means that our natural stone tiles have a unique appearance – no two stone tiles look the same. We believe that it is this unique and authentic character that adds to the magic of applying natural stone in one’s home or workplace.

Natural stone is also preferable as a tiling option because it will keep you comfortable during any season. During the warm summer months, your tiles will stay cool to the touch, while in winter they will keep you warm if coupled with radiant heating technology. Whether you are looking for quality granite, marble, or sandstone tiles, Artmar is a premium supplier that can be relied on.



    Our range of natural stone tiles

    At Artmar, we supply a wide range of natural stone tiles that are suitable for interior and exterior applications. Our stone variants include:

    Travertine tiles

    Do you want to make a bold statement in your home, without breaking a budget? Then travertine tiles are the solution you have been looking for. Tiles made out of travertine are significantly less expensive than those made out of granite or marble, while at the same time being remarkably similar in appearance (especially when polished)…


    Limestone tiles

    Limestone is a beautiful natural stone that is soft on the eyes, yet tough and durable in nature. When properly sealed and cared for, tiles produced from limestone will serve you well for many years. It is perfect for providing your home with a strong, non-slip surface, making them particularly practical for use in a bathroom or kitchen…



    Marble tiles

    No other natural stone material around will add such a touch of luxury to your home as that of marble. This natural stone is most commonly available in a polished finish, giving it a smooth, shiny and sophisticated look and feel. Because marble is a natural stone product, no two marble tiles will ever look alike…


    Porcelain tiles

    Porcelain is a dense material, which makes it durable and suited for application in high-traffic areas. They also resist moisture absorption, making it the ideal tiles to apply in one’s kitchen or bathroom…


    Granite tiles

    Are you in the process of deciding what tiles you should install into your home or office? If you have tiling a high traffic area in mind, you might just want to consider installing granite tiles. The reason we would recommend granite tiles for high traffic areas in the home or office is the fact that these tiles are highly resistant to scratches…


    Slate tiles

    Slate is another natural stone material that has become popular to use in construction. It is most often supplied in the form of slate tiles which are used for flooring. Slate flooring is not only luxurious and stylish, but it will also serve as a long-term investment…


    Sandstone tiles

    Sandstone tiles sandstone have a particularly earthy appearance, which will add an element of nature to your home or office. These tiles are also extremely strong and can last for decades, even centuries while looking brand new, when properly cared for. Our sandstone tiles are available in a variety of colours…


    If you would like to discuss your natural stone requirements with one of our team members, you are more than welcome to contact us via phone or email.

    Due to the inconsistency of the printing process, there may be colour variantions between the products in this brochure and the actual product supplied by Artmar. The onus is on the purchaser to ensure that the colour of the products provided is acceptable to them.