The kitchen island will take centre stage
Open-plan kitchens
Contrasting colours – all white is dwindling
Don’t like earthy? The black and white kitchen trend is having a big moment as a kitchen trend in 2022 – and black and white is classic! These colours work even as your style changes over time.
Countertops are the most common splurge item in kitchen renovations of 2022, with appliances as a close second.
Waterfall islands, generously sized islands, and countertop materials that continue seamlessly onto walls are all kitchen trends of 2022.
Kitchen Islands Are Getting Longer
In fact, according to the Houzz survey participants, nearly two out of five kitchen islands are more than 7 feet long (whoa!). Homeowners are using all that extra space to not only cook and bake but also work from home—20 percent report they now work from their kitchen island. The space below the counter is being used for extra storage, with 78 percent adding cabinets with closed doors.
clients are willing to spend a larger portion of their kitchen remodelling budget than they may have originally intended on countertops, as long as the specified tops meet their functional needs and enhance the overall design.
The client makes a more personal statement.

Beautiful modern kitchen design, kitchen faucet and kitchen decor, gray marble kitchen island.

Beautiful modern kitchen design, kitchen faucet and kitchen decor, grey marble kitchen island.

If your centre island is aimed to be the focal point of the kitchen, and you plan to make a style statement, we suggest choosing a bespoke marble or granite slab with beautiful veins running through them and to install it using the waterfall vein match technique to give you that seamless flow.
Firstly, choosing marble or granite provides you with a piece that is uniquely yours, as not one slab is the same, making your kitchen a bespoke masterpiece in your home.
If you’re not so keen on movement in your stone, then Granite Slabs offer some options with no veins and consistent colour.
Secondly, the waterfall vein match technique will show off your choice like the piece of art it is, especially in open floor plans where your island can be seen from one or more rooms. Even if you don’t have an expansive space, you can still create a big impact in a small space with a waterfall edge countertop. Waterfall style refers to the way the granite or marble countertops extend down the side of an island or cabinet, all the way to the floor.

Latest trends/designs in countertop surfaces for the kitchen

Some of our discerning clients opt for the all-out statement masterpiece of what appears to be a solid marble block as a kitchen centre island. This is achieved by crafting your slab of choice into a seamless flow of the beautiful veins all around, giving the appearance that it was cut from the mountain as a solid block.
Should you wish to add under-counter seating on one side of your island, you would need to create
Clients that have to work within a budget, but still prefer natural stone all around, often choose to combine Engineered Quartz Countertops with their choice of a bespoke Marble or Granite Slab in a complimenting colour palette.
For example, they would choose a simple white Engineered Quartz top for the surrounding surfaces of the kitchen and match it with a bespoke Marble Statement piece with bold veins in matching tones, for their centre island. Not only does this allow the centre island to be the masterpiece it deserves to be, but it also helps with the budget. This combination is cleverly achieved to create a seamless and complementary design in your kitchen. Our sample ranges allow our customers to play around with options until they find the perfect combination.
Combining various materials like wood and natural stone still remains popular and selecting a bespoke Marble or Granite slab with beautiful veins for a centre island and wall coverings really give the desired contrast and effect that they desire. To create a more natural-looking kitchen, a honed finish Marble or Granite Countertop, combined with the warmth of the wood and correct lighting fixtures can give the desired effect. Depending on the aesthetic of your space, it’s important to think about the various options of finishes for your natural stone surface.
Nowadays Engineered Quartz brands are being designed to resemble slabs of natural stone, like granite & marble. This involves creating veins in interesting patterns swirled into the countertop slabs and we can create a similar waterfall look with this. However, our discerning clients prefer the uniqueness of a marble or granite slab.

“The unification of the kitchen countertop and backsplash is a trend we’ll see more of over the next year. The eye needs a place to rest and not every surface requires a different finish or colour to be interesting or compete for the attention. Using the same countertop material for a kitchen backsplash creates a cohesive and clean look, with opportunities for a big impact! It can add a touch of modern sophistication to any style kitchen you may have.” — Joshua Smith, Joshua Smith, Inc.

 Noteworthy innovations in countertop surfaces

1. As a stylish replacement for the traditional prep basin, our clients are opting for an Integrated basin, which is basically a seamless extension of the natural stone countertop and can be designed to your specifications. This allows for a better flow of your design without interrupting the beauty of the natural stone surface.

2. Very popular with our discerning clients are the PITT Cooking burners that we offer. The burners can be integrated into any kitchen space and style and can be arranged however you want. This is ideal when you want to place them further apart due to the larger pots and pans used. This presents a stylish installation of simplicity and beauty, giving that clean look you desire on your kitchen countertop as there is no need to cut out the cavity for a traditional hob.

3. If you are planning on entertaining around your centre island, another clever design is to add an ice cavity to cool your beverages whilst entertaining, rather than needing to place an ice bucket on the surface. This can also be achieved through the integrated design finish or an insert of your choice.

Integrated basin with Neolith

Considerations when selecting a countertop surface

Kitchen design is an art form, one where function and beauty harmoniously co-exist. Achieving that balance, however, isn’t always easy.
The best trick for solving this and making a statement with your kitchen countertop design is figuring out how much counter space you’ll need by considering all the ways you’ll be using your counters. Where will you be cooking, prepping and if you will be entertaining in and around your kitchen centre island.
When choosing the colour, also consider how the countertops will contrast or coordinate with the flooring, walls, and cabinetry. Getting samples of all your various elements and creating a storyboard really helps to visualize all the elements together. Take your storyboard into the space at various times of the day to consider the lighting and see if you are happy with the result.

Durability – Consider the stresses your countertops will be put through when deciding on their design. Note how often you use the counters, and whether you may be prone to dropping dishes or if children or pets may treat countertops more harshly.

Maintenance – All countertops will require regular maintenance to keep looking their best. Different materials need different care, which could include polishing, sealing, or complete resurfacing, depending on their wear or any incidental damage. Taking note of these care needs can help you choose a countertop you can keep looking new for years.

Neolith with PITT cooker on kitchen island
Another thing to consider in your design is the power supply needed for your various appliances. Clever techniques can be used to hide your power supply within your natural stone surface so as not to distract from your beautiful creation.
Also, consider your lighting plan. Where do you need soft lighting versus good lighting for prepping and cooking food.
Lastly, consider storage spaces and how to integrate these into your design, to keep it functional yet still in line with your design.