Stairs play an integral part in elevating the look of your home and are not just about giving you access to move between different levels of your house. A flight of beautifully designed stairs creates a bold statement to the entire room’s interiors. And when it comes to adding grandeur to your living space nothing can beat marble.

With the use of natural stones and unique applications, staircases can now become a

focal feature point of the entrance of your home, creating art with your marble and the way

it is laid achieves just that! People wanting something different and one of a kind is what drives such trends.


Timeless Marble Waterfall Staircase

Marble and luxury will never go out of style, even during the height of minimalism in modern staircase ideas and designs.

Marble staircases are always a popular, timeless trend with so many ways to lay this beautiful natural stone, each creating a different flow and look. For example, laying it in such a way that your marbles veins run downwards from one stair to another, creates a sense of movement and flow to your stairs.


Contrasting tread and riser

Another trend would be to have contrasting treads and risers, like a black marble tread with a white marble riser. Black Marble makes a statement and if you are looking to add some bold element to your home’s interior, then black marble will play the trick for you. These black beauties add a decorative look not just to your stairs but the entire home decor. You can fix some light on the roof above every step for a classy, luminous look. You don’t have to use marble on the riser too, some clients just finish this off with a beautiful paint colour that matches their home.


Floating treads



You can opt for modern moulding techniques to create a sense of movement and flow to your stairs. Add a contemporary note to this classical material by using a sweeping shape and gently curved edges. Choose a very pale or super dark stone for maximum drama.


Styles that are popular at the moment would be a floating staircase, a  spiral staircase for smaller spaces, or an L-Shaped staircase which are all perfect for natural stones’ movement to flow.


Marble or granite are constant front-runners for materials used for staircases. They have so many advantages, starting with longevity and the guarantee of being completely unique to one’s home. Striking patterns are a trend for marbles, and for granite, people tend to lean towards the speckled granites that give an urban feel.

We are seeing a lot of monochrome and grey colour tones being used, whether it be a contrast between a black and white marble or a white marble with black veining that steals the spotlight. These colours are easy to accessorize and play with.

Lastly the finishes. Finishes are everything and are sometimes overlooked. Giving your staircase the perfect profile edge is key to completing your look. For example, a classic styled staircase could have a more intricate edging like a “Dupont-Edge” profile and a modern style would usually have a simpler edging like the “Pencil-Edge” profile. We are also seeing staircases being accessorized with lighting features such as backlit Tread edging.

Natural stone such as marble or granite comes in a wide range of colours, patterns and finishes (such as polished or leathered). So much so, that there really is always the

perfect natural stone to compliment and elevate your home.