From wall cladding to entire stone slab wall features, in this post we cover outdoor feature wall trends and recommend styles and brands.

For our discerning clients, who have ultra-modern designs, it’s all about the first impression, when arriving at their beautiful home or building. As such, they tend to invest as much into the exterior façade of their design, as they do inside. This ensures a cohesive design experience throughout and is an architect and designer’s dream.

Outdoor Feature Walls – Recommended engineered stone brands

For these clients, we offer Neolith façade panelling designed to convince and win over the most demanding architects and clients. Neolith is a lightweight sintered stone surface. Neolith façade panels are available in large format, 6mm thickness and have a range of colours to choose from, making them the perfect wallcovering product to apply to the exterior of any modern building.

MARBLE_OUTDOOR_ SLABS_Nero Marquina Marble Slabs_Exterior Cladding with Custom made flower boxes

Outdoor Wall Feature Trend: Wall Cladding

Natural Stone Wall Cladding remains a timeless, affordable and popular material for exterior wall applications. Derived from the earth, natural stones such as sandstone, quartzite, slate and travertine

are appreciated for their organic, natural tonal variations and imperfections. They are also highly durable and weather well, outlasting harsh weather conditions. These are available in various small cut formats and finishes and there are many colours to choose from. These are more popular for use on accent or feature walls rather than a complete exterior surface

Outdoor Wall Feature Trend: Marble and Granite wall coverings

Classic, timeless and elegant Granite and Marble have been trusted for centuries by architects and builders alike. These can be applied in a slab or large tile format, on the exterior walls of buildings, or as focal accents around the exterior of your home or office building. As these stone types are carved from the mountain directly and not man-made, it’s important to work with your architect and engineer to understand the thickness and size of your selected product to ensure your design and adhesive can handle the weight on your structure. However, the timelessness of natural stones like granite and marble is guaranteed to deliver a style statement with staying power.

Dekton by Cosentino_TR-HOUSE

We stock Marble, Granite and Quartzite slabs and large format tiles in selected colours. We can source and import any bespoke options required by clients with special requests.

We stock panelled and free-length wall cladding, in sandstone, slate, quartzite, travertine and marble – designed to make the application process that much easier for you to do.

We offer Dekton by Constentino and Neolith façade panelling. Choose from a range of colours available to complete your design masterpiece.

  Benefits of installing our product

  • Durable
  • Resistant to varying temperatures
  • UV resistant
  • Low structural weight (except in certain cases of marble or granite)

MARBLE_OUTDOOR_Nero Marquina Marble Slabs_Exterior Cladding with bespoke flower boxes

Most of these products require low maintenance and are easy to clean. For marble, we always recommend an invisible sealant, particularly if it’s a polished finish.

Selecting the right installer for your project is key, as this is a very specialized application that requires skill and experience. Fortunately, the installation team at Artmar Natural Stone are skilled and experienced in all aspects of Natural and Sintered stone wall façade applications. In fact, we are currently busy with the biggest Neolith Project in Africa, at a private residence in Fresnaye, Cape Town.


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