Kitchen Floor trends for 2022

Natural stone tile floors have been the kitchen flooring staple for years. Natural Stone Tile is known for being durable and easy to clean, perfect for kitchens. The kitchen is one of the best places in the home to pull out all the stops when it comes to renovation because it’s guaranteed to increase your home’s value.

If you’re looking for a high-end luxury floor, then marble is for you. Real marble kitchen flooring offers one-of-a-kind looks with beautiful unique patterns of veins and colours. Elegant, bright and clean marble floors have been one of the hottest gems on the flooring market for years and will always provide you with a timeless style.

Kitchen Floor Trend 1: Contrasting colours

Many of our clients love using contrasting colour stones for their countertops and floors. A popular trend, for example, is using a black marble floor tile, with a white marble countertop, which shows both products interdependently.

For example, a black marble floor tile can be combined with white marble or even an engineered stone countertop like Sintered Stone or Engineered Quartz to give the desired outcome.

Kitchen Floor Trend 2: Creating patterns with your tiles

Seen here in the image below is a client who took their design a step further by cutting their Nero Marquina Marble Tiles to size, to create a herringbone pattern on the floor, not only giving the desired contrast in colours but also adding a texture to their overall design.

KITCHEN FLOOR_Nero Marquina cut to heringbone design_ COUNTERTOPS_Volakas Marble Slab

Kitchen Floor Trend 3: Matching colour palette

For clients who prefer a complementary palette, selecting the right Marble Tile colour to match your overall theme is important. This will give you a seamless flow of colour throughout the area where it is installed.

Kitchen Floor Trend 4: Full Marble slabs on floors

Lately, we are seeing a growing demand for full marble slabs on the kitchen floors. Our clients want to create a seamless floor flow by using large format slabs on their kitchen floors.

MARBLE FLOOR_Bermuda Brown Marble Slabs_cut-to-size_Bespoke flooring

Here, you need to choose a skilled Fabricator and Installer that can cut and install your marble slab perfectly according to the design. Luckily, Artmar Natural Stone offers this service to our clients with years of experience behind us, ensuring this complex installation can be done with care and precision.

Some extra tips:

When choosing marble tiles, it’s important to choose either a honed or polished finish as this creates the least porous surface which is important in your kitchen.

The most popular finish of marble, polishing, gives the stone a highly reflective sheen that produces the least porous finished surface. This finish gives the stone of very elegant and rich look, providing it with a pinnacle of depth and colour.

Whereas a honed finish is created by buffing the stone to slightly less than the highest level. The result is a smooth but more natural appearance, with no shine. Also very popular in more modern design installations that desire a more matt finish.

We always recommend obtaining samples of all your selected finishes and creating a storyboard to ensure that all your elements complement one another. Luckily at Artmar Natural Stone, we offer free samples of all our products to our clients, so be sure to come into one of our branches in Cape Town or Johannesburg and let one of our skilled sales consultants help you with your selection.

Lastly, ensure to evaluate your storyboard in your kitchen space at different times of the day to consider how the natural light would complement your design.  Additional lighting can be added to give you your desired effect. Clever use of under counter or under cabinet soft LED lighting strips is also very popular lately as it helps to contrast various elements in your kitchen


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